SAC Project Oversight Committee Members

The POC members are selected from a broad user community as well as from the nation's most knowledgable experts on the seismic design and performance of steel frame structures. As such, the POC includes design professionals, building regulators, code developers, researchers, technical specialists, steel manufacturers, construction experts, disaster preparedness experts, and trade association representatives from throughout the United States. Representatives from Federal Agencies participating in the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) serve as ex officio POC members to ensure coordination of this project with related activities undertaken by these agencies. Following is the list of POC members.

Dr. William Hall - Chair, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. John Barsom, U.S. Steel
Susan Dowty, International Conference of Building Officials
Roger Ferch, The Herrick Corporation
Dr. Theodore Galambos, University of Minnesota
Dr. John Gross, National Institute of Standards and Technology
James Harris, J.R. Harris and Co.
Richard Holguin, City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety
Nestor Iwankiw, American Institute of Steel Construction
Roy Johnston, Brandow & Johnston Associates
Dr. S.C. Liu, National Science Foundation
Duane Miller, Lincoln Electric Company
John Theiss, EQE/Theiss Engineers
Charles Thornton, Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers
John Wiggins, J.H. Wiggins Company

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