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Report No. SAC 95-01

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Steel Moment Frame Advisory No. 3, February 1, 1995.


This publication is the third in a series of emergency advisory documents published by the SAC Joint Venture. They have been produced to provide practicing engineers and building officials with critically needed information related to the inspection and repair of welded steel moment frame (WSMF) buildings affected by the Northridge Earthquake, as well as the design of new WSMF structures for earthquake resistance. The first advisory, published in September, 1994 and the second, published in October, 1994, contained collections of papers and topical reports prepared by practicing engineers, building officials, industry groups, and researchers. This third advisory provides evaluation and analysis of the information presented in previous advisories. Its purpose is to indicate those issues for which there is common agreement, as well as to present dissenting opinion and commentary. It is hoped that with the information presented herein, engineers and building officials will be able to make informed decisions with regard to evaluation, repair, and design alternatives.
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