Technical Studies

The Phase 2 Steel Project has a number of inter-related, problem-focused investigations into various aspects of the steel moment frame problem. These are broken into the following six basic areas: 

  • Materials and Fracture - evaluating the basic material characteristics of steels used in building construction in seismic regions of the United States 
  • Joining and Inspection - addressing issues related to welding, bolting, and in-process and post-earthquake inspection 
  • Connection Performance - beam-column connection modeling and full-scale testing 
  • System Performance - parametric analytical studies of steel frames with varying ground motions, modeling assumptions, etc. 
  • Performance Prediction and Evaluation - development of rational and reliable performance-based design procedures for steel moment frames 
  • Economic, Social, and Political Aspects - identifying opportunities for and barriers against implementing improved seismic design criteria 

Performance of Steel Buildings in Past Earthquakes

Data on Buildings Inspected Under the L.A. Inspection Ordinance
Detailed Data Collection for Selected WSMF Buildings
Evaluation of Inspection Reliability and Identification of W1a Damage
Institutional Demands Caused by WSMF Damage
Damage to Welded Steel Moment Frame Buildings in Earthquakes other than Northridge
Coordination for Topical Investigations on the Performance of Steel Buildings in Past Earthquakes

Assess Current Knowledge

Database Development for Sorting and Summarizing Test Results
Maintenance and Updates of the Literature Database

Materials and Fracture

Characterization of the Material Properties of Rolled Sections
Influence of the Through-Thickness Properties Upon Beam to Column Flange Welds

Joining and Inspection

Effects of the Relative Strength of Base and Weld Metal on Weldment Behavior at Different Strain Rates
Effects of Weld Metal and HAZ Notch Toughness on Welded Joint Behavior 
Sensitivity of Welded Joints to Variations in Welding Procedures, Parameters and Conditions
Reliability of Non-Destructive Evaluation Methods for Welded Joints - Establish Model UT Procedures
Synthesize Data Model for Weld Performance 
Establish Weld Acceptance Criteria 

Connection Performance

Assess and Improve Finite Element/Fracture Models for Unreinforced and Cover Plated Connection Details
Assess and Improve Finite Element/Fracture Models for Various Connection Configurations and Types
Develop Analytically-Based Design Methods for Different Connections Configurations
Development and Evaluation of Analytical Tools for Benchmark and Analytical Investigations

System Performance

Develop Suites of Ground Motions
Parametric Study on the Effect of Seismic Demands of Structural Configurations, Proportioning and Modeling
Parametric Study on the Effect of Seismic Demands of Deterioration of Hysteretic Characteristics
Parametric Study on the Effects on Seismic Demands of Ground Motion Intensity and Dynamic Charateristics
Investigation of the Effect of Connection Fractures on Safety and Reliability of Steel Moment Resisting Frame Systems
Investigation of Alternative Framing Systems 

Performance, Prediction and Evaluation

Develop a Statistical and Reliability Framework for Comparing and Evaluation Predictive Models for Evaluation and Design
Develop Predictive Elastic Models for Building Performance
Develop Predictive Inelastic Models for Building Performance
Develop Recommended Procedures for Performance and Evaluation of SMRF Buildings
Develop Design Requirements for Ordinary and Intermediate (Low Ductility) Moment Frames
In each of these links, the results of the Phase 1 studies are summarized, the Phase 2 investigations are outlined, and links to the topical investigation subcontractors, interim results (where available), and publications are provided. 
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