Phase 2 Project Summary: 
    Topical Investigations on Performance of Steel Buildings in Past Earthquakes
    Task 3.1.3

    Evaluation of Inspection Reliability and Identification of W1a Damage

    Principal Investigator: Terrance Paret 
    Wiss, Janney, Elstner Consultants

        Task 3.1.3 will collect information of the inspection of a selected few buildings where the building had multiple inspections to determine whether the results of the separate inspections can be reconciled. This will lead to recommendations for the conduct of such inspections and the characterization of the results of such inspections. Collaterally, it will address the issue of whether a W1a damage index (as defined in the SAC Phase 1 Interim Guidelines) indicates a prior condition or is possibly earthquake-induced damage. 

    There are four main objectives: 

    1. Consistently characterize the frequency and distribution of W1's and other reported steel frame damage. 

    2. Assess and evaluate information collected on the occurrence of W1-style damage as part of completed inspection and repair programs. 

    3. Assess typical UT inspection processes and procedures. 

    4. Study buildings that were subjected to two or more separate post-earthquake inspections, at least one of which was complete or nearly complete, to determine the consistency of results and the degree of or possible causes of disagreement. 

    The detailed breakdown of the technical activities in this task are provided in the workstatement available here

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