Phase 2 Project Summary:
    Topical Investigations in Joining and Inspection
    Task 5.2.3

    Assess the Sensitivity of the Behavior of Welded Joints to Variations in Welding Procedures, Parameters and Conditions 

    Principal Investigator: Matt Johnson 
    Edison Welding Institute 

        The sensitivity of various electrodes and welding procedures to welding parameters and workmanship will be established through a series of tests on simple mock-up joints and welded tension plates. Sensitivity to heat input should be investigated considering high and low travel speeds. Other issues related to electrode diameter, preheat, controlled post-heat, electrode stick out, and so on should be considered in a logical fashion in developing the final test matrix to assess the effects of these parameters and their variability on joint strength and toughness. It is intended in this sub-task that the material used for the base metal should have metallurgical and other properties similar to those utilized in new building construction. 

        Efforts will be undertaken in this sub-task to compare and correlate results obtained in the T-stub specimens, welded tension plates, fracture and impact of tests, including analysis of the microstructure, chemical composition, fracture surface and so on. The sensitivity of joint behavior to variability in parameters contained in Welding Procedures Specifications and the need for improved WPS's or special inspection requirements will be determined based on information obtained in this sub-task. The data obtained in Sub-task 5.2.3 will be used to help establish the weld acceptance criteria for new steel moment-resisting frames in Sub-task 5.2.6. 

    The detailed breakdown of the technical activities in this task are provided in the workstatement available here

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