Phase 2 Project Summary
    Topical Investigations in System Performance
    Task Number: 5.4.7 

     Investigation of Alternative Framing Systems with Partially Restrained, Bolted or Energy Dissipative Connections 

    Principal Investigator: Kazuhiko Kasai, Tokyo Institute of Technology (formerly Lehigh University) 
    Bruce Maison, Consultant 

        The focus of this task is on how to tune alternative moment-resisting frames to achieve specified performance by: 

    1. Selection of the strength, stiffness and deformability of partially-restrained, bolted or energy dissipative connections used, and by 

    2. Selection of the configuration and proportioning of the structural system. 

        The objectives of this sub-task are to identify the effect on seismic performance of the strength, stiffness and hysteretic characteristics of realistic alternative connection types as well as of the system configuration and proportioning. Results obtained are to be interpreted to identify situations were response is comparable or equal to that of a system with conventional fully restrained connections, and where adverse effects occur. Where results indicate that performance deteriorates due to the use of alternative connections, analyses are to be conducted to assess what changes in the system or connection characteristics might be made to improve performance. Recommendations for design of systems with alternative connections and for predicting local deformation demands from simplified analyses are to be developed. 

    The detailed breakdown of the technical activities in this task are provided in the workstatement available here

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