Phase 2 Project Summary
    Topical Investigations in Performance Prediction, and Evaluation
    Task Number: 5.5.1 

    Develop a Statistical and Reliability Framework for Comparing and Evaluation Predictive Models for Evaluation and Design 

    Principal Investigator: Y.-K. Wen 
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

        This task is intended to organize and conduct a workshop to develop a reliability based framework for comparing and evaluating predictive models for building evaluation and performance prediction and to recommend how to compare relative safety of different systems. Such a framework must explicitly account for uncertainty and attempt to quantify performance and safety. Issues of balancing the target reliability and performance of the structure to the uncertainty in the seismic hazard, structural model, system force and deformation capacities, and design process, will be taken into account. As such, it is the first step in the process of developing the predictive models. 

    The final report is available as SAC Background Document SAC/BD-97/01. 

    The detailed breakdown of the technical activities in this task are provided in the workstatement available here

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