Technical Studies 

    Phase One Test Summaries 

    Task Number: 5.4.2 

    Task Title: Development and Evaluation of Analytical Tools for Benchmark and Analytical Investigations 

    Topical Area: Topical Investigations of Connection Performance 

    Subcontractor: Helmut Krawinkler 
    Stanford University 

    Task Summary

        The specific objectives of this task are to: 

    1. Define local and global response parameters of interest in the nonlinear analysis of steel moment frame structures; 

    2. Devise an electronic data base for acquisition, manipulation and statistical interpretation of information on these response parameters obtained from a wide variety of analyses conducted throughout the Phase 2 project; 

    3. Assess a compilation of computer program capabilities suitable for analysis of complete buildings and connections; 

    4. Develop a "bench mark frame" that can be used to assess the accuracy, efficiency and practicability of available computer programs; 

    5. Use the "benchmark frame" to assess a commonly available computer program, including a element model capable of simulating beam fracture, and to develop software to transfer response data from this program into the prescribed format needed for the Phase 2 project's analysis database. 
     Detailed Workstatement

    The detailed breakdown of the technical activities in this task are provided in the workstatement available here

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