Phase 2 Project Summary
    Topical Investigations on System Performance
    Task Number: 5.4.1 

    Develop Suites of Ground Motions 

    Principal Investigator: Paul Somerville 
    Woodward-Clyde Federal Services 

        The objective of this task is to collect or develop representative response spectra and ground motion time histories for various regions of the country for case study analyses and other topical investigations, as well as evaluations of trial building designs. Firm soil sites (UBC soil condition S2) are anticipated for most of the analyses to allow results to be compared on a consistent basis. 

        Some of the ground motion sets need to be selected or generated consistent with assumptions currently being considered in the development of NEHRP design spectra. However, ground motions representative of rarer or more common events, soft soil conditions, near-source sites, and so on are also needed. Ground motion time histories are required in sufficient numbers to allow statistical assessment of the reliability of structural performance. 

     The detailed breakdown of the technical activities in this task are provided in the workstatement available here. 

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