Phase 2 Project Summary
    Topical Investigations on Joining and Inspection
    Task 5.2.6 
    Establish Weld Acceptance Criteria Considering Intended Uses, Configuration, Material Properties, Procedures and the Reliability of Available Inspection Procedures 
    Principal Investigator: William Mohr 
    Edison Welding Institute
        Efforts will be undertaken in this sub-task to synthesize, analyze and interpret data obtained from within the project, as well as from various methods in other codes and guidelines for establishing fitness for use criteria for welds. This information will be used to develop recommendations for consideration by the Guideline Writers related to selection of suitable materials, weld consumables and procedures and parameters, inspection methods and acceptance criteria considering the intended behavior of the weld during a seismic excitation. 
        The principal investigator is expected to work closely with the investigators investigators involved with other activities within the Phase 2 project, and shall compare present U.S. and international structural welding codes to determine their major requirements with regards to seismically, dynamically and statically loaded structures. .Special emphasis will be placed on codes containing fitness for use provision
    The detailed breakdown of the technical activities in this task are provided in the workstatement available here
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