Phase 2 Project Summary:
    Topical Investigations on Performance of Steel Buildings in Past Earthquakes
    Task 3.1.2
    Detailed Data Collection for Selected WSMF Buildings 

    Principal Investigators: Allan Porush, Dames and Moore
    with subcontract to Peter Maranian, Brandow and Johnston

        It is the purpose of Task 3.1.2 to collect detailed data on the performance of selected WSMF buildings in the 1994 Northridge earthquake sufficient to develop damageability models and evaluate and facilitate improvement of the SAC inspection and evaluation procedures. Data will be collected for specific buildings to provide the basis for the evaluation of SAC inspection and evaluation procedures. The buildings will be selected to include those for which there is complete or near complete inspection data, or for which a well-documented repair has been completed. Data will include general data on the building, inspection and damage data, and a summary of repair data. Data will be obtained through interviews with engineers responsible for the building(s), as well as through review and independent evaluation of the specific records. To the extent practical, information collected in SAC Phase I will be utilized after adequate review to assure its reliability. 

    The detailed breakdown of the technical activities in this task are provided in the workstatement available here

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