Phase 2 Project Summary
    Assessing Current Knowledge
    Task Number: 4.03 (part 1) 

    Develop Database for Sorting and Summarizing Test Results 

    Principal Investigator: David Bonowitz 

        Task 4.03 part I will produce a computerized database of available test descriptions and results. It will serve practicing engineers as a single, centralized source of data, sortable by member size, connection type, etc., with consistent terminology and links to an annotated reference list. A hard-copy catalog of one-page test summaries will be generated from the database. Engineers and researchers questions will be anticipated and addressed in a written report. The report will include summaries as appropriate and as requested by the Project Management Committee. These may include sorts or counts of data matching certain criteria regarding member size, connection type, material strength, etc. For part 1, the database will not include graphics (details, photographs, load histories, hysteresis plots, etc.), but details and hysteresis characteristics will be described with consistent terminology linked to generic sketches provided by others. 

        The data itself will be collected from primary sources (original research reports) wherever possible and from secondary sources (articles, conference papers, etc.) where necessary. Contacts with principal researchers, engineers, steel fabricators, and testing labs will be established in an effort to stay abreast of as many ongoing and planned test programs as possible. More than 250 tests will be included. 

        The scope of the database will be limited to full scale tests of steel connection details suitable for use in the United States. Privately funded tests will be included where possible, but publication of identifying details and references may be limited by the funder. Data from proprietary details will be collected in order to support anticipated future research, but proprietary information may not be published or distributed by SAC. 

    The detailed breakdown of the technical activities in this task are provided in the workstatement available here

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