Interim Guidelines (FEMA 267)  

The Interim Guidelines were the end product of the Phase 1 Steel Project. This document was developed to provide engineers and building officials with guidance on engineering procedures for evaluation, repair, modification, and design of welded steel moment frame structures, to reduce the risks associated with earthquake-induced damage. The recommendations were developed by practicing engineers based on professional judgement and experience and a preliminary program of laboratory, field, and analytical research. This preliminary research commenced in November, 1994, and continued through the publication of the Interim Guidelines. Independent review and guidance was provided by an advisory panel comprised of experts from industry, practice, and academia.

The August 1995 version of the Interim Guidelines is available for download via the Adobe Acrobat files below. Also note that these documents should only be used in combination with the most recent supplement - Advisory No. 2 (FEMA 267B). For information on using Acrobat, please go to the Acrobat Home Page

SAC Interim Guidelines (FEMA 267)

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