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The team of individuals and organizations guiding the SAC Joint Venture is uniquely qualified to develop consensus guidelines for the evaluation, repair, rehabilitation and new design of steel frame buildings. On this page you can find brief descriptions of the committees which direct the Phase 2 Steel Project with links to photos, bios, and affiliations of the committee members.

SAC Project Oversight Committee

The SAC Project Oversight Committee (POC) provides independent review of general technical and policy issues as well as specific advice on technical approaches, the needs of the user community, and implementation of the results of the Project into practice. The POC has a significant reponsibility for helping review, improve, and update the Project Work Plan. It is also responsible for reviewing and commenting on the technical content of all major Project deliverables. The POC members are selected from a broad user community as well as from the nation's most knowledgable experts on the seismic design and performance of steel frame structures. William Hall is the Chair of the POC

SAC Joint Venture Management Committee

The SAC Joint Venture Management Committee (JVMC) has overall responsibility for carrying out the Phase 2 Project to Develop Seismic Design Criteria for Steel Frame Construction. The Committee is the legal representative for the Joint Venture Partners who are engaged in this Project. There are two representatives from each of the Joint Venture Partners on this Committee. William Holmes is the Chair of the JVMC.

SAC Project Management Committee

The SAC Project Management Committee (PMC) has responsibility for advising the Project Manager regarding day-to-day management of the Project. The Committee is composed of the three members of the technical management team and three members of the Joint Venture Management Committee who act as policy advisors. Stephen Mahin is the Chair of the JVMC.

Project Administrator

The SAC Project Administrator is the authorized representative for the Joint Venture in all interactions with FEMA. The Project Administrator manages all financial transactions, accounts, and invoices, and provides FEMA and the JVMC with summary and progress reports as required. He also works with the Director of Technical Communications to prepare and disseminate public information releases. Allen Goldstein is the Project Administrator for the Phase 2 Steel Project.

Director of Technical Communications

The Director of Technical Communications works with the Publications Subcommittee of the JVMC and the Project Director for Product Development to prepare technical reports and other deliverable specified in the contract. He also recommends, establishes, and oversees other appropriate vehicles for the dissemination of technical information, including the World Wide Web site, technical seminars, and public information releases. Robert Reitherman is the Director of Technical Communications for the Phase 2 Steel Project.

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